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Why popular is always against the reality

I don’t know is it true for whole world or only for India and Indians. Why don’t we accept the reality? Why we always run for popularity, populism etc. Take the example of politics first: Politics is about bringing about solutions for problems and issues present in the society but the political parties and its leaders are guided by their vested interests and try to fulfill their narrow ideals. Even if they understand the issues in the best interest of the country, they ignore it to fulfill their selfish interests.They do politics to get votes and they used to go any extent to win the elections without realizing the massive repercussions of their decisions. Whenever any leader takes appropriate decision in the interest of the country, we call him/her visionary or great. In fact, he/she is the most normal who is doing things which he was supposed to do as being the public representative.

In fact, it is not the responsibility of one individual, the psyche of our society is framed in this manner for a long time. And the number has become everything. It seems that there is presence of tyranny of majority. Take the example of Indian Cinema: We run for those films who crossed 100 crore mark or those who are acted by popular actors. I never understood the reason behind it, why we have forgotten the reality. It is said that cinema is the mirror of society but still large section go to movies to run from the reality. I really like the reality based cinema because they depict our stories and the issues of the common people. The irony of the issue is that popular cinemas get most recognition and awards also. If you will ask the name of the reality based cinemas- the mountain man, titli, the gangs of wasseypur,the lunch box,Paan Singh Tomar etc., many people even do not know the names of these movies. However, there is a section of society who understands things. What we can do is to increase this section by doing every bit whatever we can do.

My concern is that our country can not become great until and unless we will come out from the fantasy of our life.



Disclaimer: It is my personal view and people have every right to differ and have their opinion.

UPSC Mains Results out!!!

Thank you God and Thank you Chaitanya and Thank you to my all friends and well wishers, who stood by me whenever I needed. God, Thank you so much for showing faith in me and giving me opportunity again to rise and fulfill my dream. I will certainly work hard and try to bring out the difference in the society. Thank you Amma, Bade Papa, Munni didi, Baba for being with me as a family and giving me your care and love.

I cherish the friendship and blessings of my well wishers who always encouraged me towards my goal.

Jnu row and intolerance debate

What is happening in our country? I really don’t understand and when few people including me talk about intolerance, people come forward spontaneously and say that we are wrong, India is and has been a tolerant country since time immemorial. I really do not find a bit of tolerance in our society. People are discriminated and abused on the basis of colour, religion, region,nationality and most importantly caste. I am not supposed to give examples as they are present in the everyday newspaper.Why these people don’t understand that we are human beings first before wearing other identities which were created by us only.

Whatever happened in jnu, I got to know about the whole issue by newspaper report as well as media including social media. Extreme form of protest comes from extreme form of grievances. Rather discussing why they have said something extreme against our nation, we should try to understand what is the issue and why it is happening? We should not react and take law in our hands.  In fact,  I love my country ie INDIA like anything but tell me one thing if I have any questions or concerns or grievances, where I should go? I will tell to my country , to its leaders who are our representatives. Every child of a mother is not same. I think that everyone has the right to protest. Do we not go against our parents when we think  that they are not getting our point. However, we must not abuse our county which is like our mother and must not talk about its destruction. Protest/ opposition should not lead to destruction or separatism.

Ideology is something strange idea, I read in political science. It is a contested concept and there are various versions of this. In fact when we read about all ideologies present in the society, we will not be able to find the ultimate truth. Be the Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism, Fascism etc. Not everyone agrees to one ideology and say that this is good for all. Why to run for ideologies ? Why not to look for humanity? Whenever we see a small kid, we spontaneously smile leaving our prejudices and biases behind. But when it comes with dealing with people, we will bring all our preconceptions and prejudices. In fact, it is not the mistake of one individual rather the whole society needs another reformation so that we can come out from the darkness which is prevailing in the present time.

The real problem is that the people who are responsible to bring about societal changes, are actually instigating the issue for their vested interest. The time has come to say ‘enough is enough’ and we must rise and try to bring about the change in society. Why to look towards other people, we should start from ourselves because once Gandhi ji said “Be the change what you want to see in this world”.

Disclaimer: It is my personal view and every one has the right to differ and have their opinion.

The monks who are not monks

It is not being critical but looking the issue through my lenses. Recently visited dharmasala and nearby the ministry of Tibetan leader  Dalai Lama. Before visiting the place, I had high hopes about the struggling Tibetan refugees. However, what I saw was little weird. In the case of Tibet issue, religion and politics is intermixed. In fact, they are fighting to protect their culture which is influenced by their religion ie Buddhism.  As far as I read about Buddhism and its principles, it talks about abstinence, non-violence, speaking truth, love,peace and harmony. But the real question is that are these people really following the path shown by the Buddha or they have lost somewhere, behaving like common man.
The monks there were like us except they were wearing maroon robes. They were enjoying coffee, chatting on I-phone, roaming etc. Are they suppose to do all these. It is not that all monks were like that but a large section was. I did not find any anxiety or earnestness on their face to reclaim their land Tibet. Did they lose hope or did they become Indian by heart? By seeing the posters and graffiti in the area, it can be said that interest for Tibet is still there. One poster was talking about some concert related with Tibet, other was depicting the teachings of Dalai Lama regarding paradox of life,another was telling to boycott Chinese goods. However, the awkward thing was that almost all shops were selling goods manufactured in China.  I think the hypocrisy is not only in Indians but also in other people.
My question is that will they ever get freedom or whatever they want in this manner. Or the monks who are like that, are very few, others are serious about the issue. Or they are supported by any other country for instance USA to contain China.

Disclaimer: It is my personal view and every one has the right to differ and have their opinion.

Random story of autowala

Once I was traveling from Delhi to gurgaon by auto rickshaw. I was talking to auto driver and asking him about his life. After talking to him, I got so much insights of life that I can never find these things in my any books which are always my best friend. Let’s come to the story as narrated by the auto wala. The way he was talking, it seems that he knows so many things, switching between his life and the problems prevailing in the society.

Before starting his story, he says, his life is no more. I was little bewildered when he said this. Then he told me that his wife is no more and he spend all his money as well as sold his house for bearing the expenses of her health and finally he and his wife lost the battle against the nasty disease of cancer. Now he is alone living with his son in a rented house and trying hard to make his life. But still, his resilience and never dying spirit is there to make me feel that it is not about hurdles in life but about facing and moving ahead in life.

The most touching thing for me is that he equates his life with his wife, if his wife is not there, his life has no meaning. Selfless love indeed. I don’t remember his name, auto’s number or anything else but I remember his story. In my opinion , he is living his life full satisfaction and he is a nice person. These small stories are a great example of beauty of life.