Jnu row and intolerance debate

What is happening in our country? I really don’t understand and when few people including me talk about intolerance, people come forward spontaneously and say that we are wrong, India is and has been a tolerant country since time immemorial. I really do not find a bit of tolerance in our society. People are discriminated and abused on the basis of colour, religion, region,nationality and most importantly caste. I am not supposed to give examples as they are present in the everyday newspaper.Why these people don’t understand that we are human beings first before wearing other identities which were created by us only.

Whatever happened in jnu, I got to know about the whole issue by newspaper report as well as media including social media. Extreme form of protest comes from extreme form of grievances. Rather discussing why they have said something extreme against our nation, we should try to understand what is the issue and why it is happening? We should not react and take law in our hands.  In fact,  I love my country ie INDIA like anything but tell me one thing if I have any questions or concerns or grievances, where I should go? I will tell to my country , to its leaders who are our representatives. Every child of a mother is not same. I think that everyone has the right to protest. Do we not go against our parents when we think  that they are not getting our point. However, we must not abuse our county which is like our mother and must not talk about its destruction. Protest/ opposition should not lead to destruction or separatism.

Ideology is something strange idea, I read in political science. It is a contested concept and there are various versions of this. In fact when we read about all ideologies present in the society, we will not be able to find the ultimate truth. Be the Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism, Fascism etc. Not everyone agrees to one ideology and say that this is good for all. Why to run for ideologies ? Why not to look for humanity? Whenever we see a small kid, we spontaneously smile leaving our prejudices and biases behind. But when it comes with dealing with people, we will bring all our preconceptions and prejudices. In fact, it is not the mistake of one individual rather the whole society needs another reformation so that we can come out from the darkness which is prevailing in the present time.

The real problem is that the people who are responsible to bring about societal changes, are actually instigating the issue for their vested interest. The time has come to say ‘enough is enough’ and we must rise and try to bring about the change in society. Why to look towards other people, we should start from ourselves because once Gandhi ji said “Be the change what you want to see in this world”.

Disclaimer: It is my personal view and every one has the right to differ and have their opinion.

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