Why popular is always against the reality

I don’t know is it true for whole world or only for India and Indians. Why don’t we accept the reality? Why we always run for popularity, populism etc. Take the example of politics first: Politics is about bringing about solutions for problems and issues present in the society but the political parties and its leaders are guided by their vested interests and try to fulfill their narrow ideals. Even if they understand the issues in the best interest of the country, they ignore it to fulfill their selfish interests.They do politics to get votes and they used to go any extent to win the elections without realizing the massive repercussions of their decisions. Whenever any leader takes appropriate decision in the interest of the country, we call him/her visionary or great. In fact, he/she is the most normal who is doing things which he was supposed to do as being the public representative.

In fact, it is not the responsibility of one individual, the psyche of our society is framed in this manner for a long time. And the number has become everything. It seems that there is presence of tyranny of majority. Take the example of Indian Cinema: We run for those films who crossed 100 crore mark or those who are acted by popular actors. I never understood the reason behind it, why we have forgotten the reality. It is said that cinema is the mirror of society but still large section go to movies to run from the reality. I really like the reality based cinema because they depict our stories and the issues of the common people. The irony of the issue is that popular cinemas get most recognition and awards also. If you will ask the name of the reality based cinemas- the mountain man, titli, the gangs of wasseypur,the lunch box,Paan Singh Tomar etc., many people even do not know the names of these movies. However, there is a section of society who understands things. What we can do is to increase this section by doing every bit whatever we can do.

My concern is that our country can not become great until and unless we will come out from the fantasy of our life.



Disclaimer: It is my personal view and people have every right to differ and have their opinion.

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