Random story of autowala

Once I was traveling from Delhi to gurgaon by auto rickshaw. I was talking to auto driver and asking him about his life. After talking to him, I got so much insights of life that I can never find these things in my any books which are always my best friend. Let’s come to the story as narrated by the auto wala. The way he was talking, it seems that he knows so many things, switching between his life and the problems prevailing in the society.

Before starting his story, he says, his life is no more. I was little bewildered when he said this. Then he told me that his wife is no more and he spend all his money as well as sold his house for bearing the expenses of her health and finally he and his wife lost the battle against the nasty disease of cancer. Now he is alone living with his son in a rented house and trying hard to make his life. But still, his resilience and never dying spirit is there to make me feel that it is not about hurdles in life but about facing and moving ahead in life.

The most touching thing for me is that he equates his life with his wife, if his wife is not there, his life has no meaning. Selfless love indeed. I don’t remember his name, auto’s number or anything else but I remember his story. In my opinion , he is living his life full satisfaction and he is a nice person. These small stories are a great example of beauty of life.

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