#Be yourself this quarantine

Image Source: Clicked by me from my rented house in Bangalore and we didn’t choose the house,house chose us. There is a story behind it. Will tell later 😉

This post is for all those people who sometimes feel a bit low because one of their friends is having a great time with her partner/spouse/best friend, cleared a top-level competition, got a high-paying job, having a great love-life or got selected to some Ivy League University or having a great time in their life. It seems that they always look good and they are quite fit or they are visiting exotic destinations(though not these days because of corona epidemic and lock down).

Almost everyone has a story to tell. Everyone feels incomplete in their own way. Everyone has some painful moments in their life. But you know what I feel, people feel more comfortable in sharing their happiness than their pain/sorrow or painful moments or their problems. You need a lot of courage to share your pain, your guilt and your problems to the world. I also don’t dare to share my pains but I can easily share my happiness.

So don’t worry. Don’t overthink. No one is perfect. No one is completely happy. As Oscar Wild said, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. Accept your flaws because they are beautiful. It makes you a soul. Lastly, have a lot of courage and strength to say what you think, to express what you feel, to do what you love and to become what you want as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”.

One thought on “#Be yourself this quarantine

  1. A comment received from my very beautiful friend Minaxi via Whatsapp: This is really touching yaar. I read it thrice to sink in each word. I would like to raise a toast to all those who are living away from their families in this time of distress and also to those who are religiously taking care of those who are in need.
    Like most of Indians, for me, quarantine is a time to sit at home, sip tea, read and write, go out in my kitchen garden, harvest fresh vegetables and fruits, talk to my friends, and a lot of other stuff to do (arranging my closet, giving away old stuff, critical thinking {offcourse}) and if you ask me are you happy? My answer would be yes a big yes. For many people, these are regular chores but for me the true’ happiness and joys. I am not finding a single reason not to look forward to this opportunity to live like I have always wanted. The simplest joy of life right now for me is sleeping and getting up healthy, eating and drinking water, breathing and seeing the sky every single day, talking to my parents and friends, having a discussion on endless topics every day, for the first time in life I am not finding anything mundane or unfitting the box. A lot of people nowadays are in self-actualization phase (directly or indirectly), because each one of us (excluding, those who are in essential services) is having ‘the luxury of time’ which previously we didn’t. So a lot of closures, confessions, and conversation are happening around which is actually questioning us, on a lot of grounds, which is fine unless we are not comparing our situation and lives to those of others because that’s what we love doing whenever free, my sincere request to every one whosoever will be reading this, please stop, and breathe. You have already done a lot of things which you should be proud of or ashamed of or both, which are mutually exclusive and important in order to progress. We cannot change the course past events of life but yes definitely the course of thoughts for future. Be kind, and happy with whatever you have right now, and forget about the things you don’t need but wanted, at some point of time. Share your pain’ with those who matter, share your happiness, bring a smile on someone’s face, be the reason for someone’s dream’s, love deeply, make promises and give hopes and tell that final truth to yourself, which you have been not telling to your soul from the longest of time, and try, please try to be that light in darkest of time. This time will not come, for sure somewhere down the line form now, after a decade or so, telling about the stories of this lockdown will be your favorite thing and thinking about it will make your eyes wet that how bravely we all fought and emerged winners with compassion and humanity.
    Save yourself and save the world, we need each other, more than ever.
    This too shall pass.

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