A random conversation with waiter in an Indian restaurant utsav in New York

Today I was very hungry because I did not eat anything last night. So after settling down I went outside to eat something but unfortunately the breakfast time was over by then. So I bought some fruits and juice and roamed here and there observing people and came back to hotel room. When Chaitanya came back from office, we decided to go to indian restaurant. So we went again to the Indian restaurant utsav, which is located in West 46 street, times square New York.
So we were just looking to menu book for ordering the food, one guy came to give aloo tiki which was complimentary for the day. And suddenly he asked that do we speak hindi? So, we said yes. And then he said he is hindu from Pakistan. So we were little surprised by hearing that ” hindu from Pakistan. He was the first Hindu from Pakistan with whom I met. He was little sad because he is living in USA for last nine years and he did not go back even single time. He was looking sad which we can see from his face. I asked him why you are not bringing your family here? So he said it is very difficult to get visa in Pakistan for Hindus.
This random talk made me think very seriously about the issue related with India and Pakistan relations. These countries are created for the welfare of its people and the real purpose of politics is to bring about happiness in the life of the people but we can see what is really happening. People are forced to suffer due to the dirty politics of the day. When our leaders will realise that the ultimate aim is to create happiness for the people.
One more thing I experienced from this conversation is that family, friends and your own home, state, country are everything for everyone. These are the invaluable things for anyone. We can not live a happy life without these even if we have lot of money. So , spend time with your near and dear ones because time is running out……

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