Hey Ram!

Today I watched this movie titled – Hey Ram (2000) and I am totally moved by the movie. Why we have so much hatred still in our heart for others. Why do we divide people on the basis of religion, caste, race etc? Why don’t we live peacefully? Losing your dear ones is the most painful experience of anyone’s life. I did not know this till I lost my loved ones. I had very few people in my life but I lost some. I can never forget the pain it brought to me. Why don’t people understand that there is no end to hatred and violence? Violence can only bring more pain and nothing else. When anyone looses her/his near and dear ones due to violence and fighting, they can never come back by killing others or harming others and how long they think that it will continue. Only revenge is born from revenge.

Even after so many years of existence of life and more than six decades of our independence, we are still fighting in the name of religion, caste, sex etc. Every religion talks about peace and harmony. In fact, I should not even talk about religion because sometimes I think that religion has become a tool in the hands of few to terrorize and to serve its own selfish motives. Why don’t we only talk about humanity and love? Isn’t love a religion?  I think that there have always been two kinds of people everywhere- one who wants to live peacefully and one who doesn’t. Some people will say that I am talking about an utopia where everyone is equal and peace-loving. However, It is very hard to accept the fact that everyone wants to live peacefully and happily.

It is very hard to walk on the path of peace, patience and accepting the mistakes of others. But one who does this is the real master of life. We should never lose hope because it is my firm belief that HOPE IS FAITH. We always salute the courage of someone who had overcome his/her hardships and blossoms into the new world. Many people live their lives in abject poverty, which is a form of violence, in areas where people are dying because of war, violence etc. But the real hero is the one who passes through it peacefully. Why don’t we understand the value of life? It is very short and we had less time to love and no time to hate and we must devote all time towards love and peace because time is running out for everyone. We only realize the value of life when we had no life to live more. Whatever we do and have done in our life, our conscience is aware of all and we can’t hide anything from that. Until and unless, our conscience and our action actions are same, there will never be peace. The guilt will never let us sleep. So, I can only hope that people’s conscience should get awake and love and happiness should spread.

Disclaimer: These thoughts are only creation of mind and my readings. In any manner, I don’t want to preach or hurt anyone.

One thought on “Hey Ram!

  1. Comment by my friend Minaxi (via Whatsapp)- The views are real and absolute. They are so relevant, even now.
    Hope is Faith, and keeping it alive is what we all need right now. I love, how wonderfully you articulate so many things in simple words and I really appreciate this, irrespective of the time you wrote this, this is true and shall be always


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