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The Mentalist

I was always fond of studying the psyche of the people. I wanted to understand why do people do something whatever they do. In fact, that is why I like the subject of Ethics under the General Studies. And I believe that is the reason I like watching detective serials and movies. For instance,  I like CID, Byomkesh Bakshy and of course the latest interest in the tv show The Mentalist. We have finished one season and more than 20 episodes in one week or so.

I really enjoyed watching this show because it stimulates my brain. It also provides me knowledge about the People’s behaviour. Most importantly, I learnt observational skills from it. The main character played by Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is awesome. He tells about the person by observing it. In fact, what I learn from this is that we must have some understandings of other people so that we can be safe. It is so because there are all kinds of people present in our society. Some are very nice and affable. Some are crooked and pathetic. We should observe the behaviours of others to understand them because nobody can hundred percent hide oneself from others.

In the show, we were able to recognize who is the criminal before the cops can recognize. It was interesting and tied us to the situations and events. However,  there were various episodes in which we were not able to guess who is the culprit.

One more thing I wanted to understand as well as tell to others that people say that behaviors change and so people also change. However, I think that people change but not always. Sometimes people just change on surface but not in substance.

Basically, the people who commits crime are those who have troubled background and psychic problem. They are inspired the evil qualities. They don’t have faith in others. They are kind of sociopath or psychopath.

Understanding the psyche or mind which is intimately connected with the emotions of human beings is also necessary for general well being. Sometimes diseases do not exist in organs but in minds. It means that our minds have created those diseases but they don’t exist physically. In fact, that is why some people suffer from horrific diseases even after living a good life. We have also seen that many people suffering from incurable diseases get cure without any medical help. I think that the power of human mind is infinite. It can do impossible. ┬áThat is why, people become successful not because they do different things but they have strong will power and a powerful mind. Even Gandhiji has said that the ” strength comes from indomitable spirit not from the physical strength”. ┬áTherefore we should always think positive and keep faith in one’s ability.