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Policy Boot Camp( June 3rd to June 23rd)


We had an amazing start of the Policy Boot Camp. There are so many good expereinces to share. Meeting a diverse crowd from all parts of the country, renowned speakers sharing their experiences and knowledge to us. These 21 days of knowledge and experience will take  more than a year to assimilate in my system.

Every speaker was unique in its approach and they shared their life time experiences in a short duration lecture. After listening to all stakeholders of policy processes, it made me realise that we need to understand any issue comprehensively and sensitively before giving any comment on that.

Every single day from June 3rd to June 23rd, every single delegate from various parts of the country was in hurry to attend the lectures of speakers. We had really inspiring peers during the Boot Camp. All the delegates were so passionate about the issues discussed there that they will start the discussion on Whats-app group itself. Then after, there was a “Reflection Class”. It was the best part of the Boot Camp. There were four classrooms: Vikramshila, Takshashila, Valabhi and Nalanda. I was part of the Vikramshila class moderated by Shobhit Mathur. Every single day, we had heated exchange of views. It was a great experience witnessing young minds debating about national issues with such a huge interest and enthusiasm.Vikramshila classroom

I really liked the idea of reflection class. Reflection about the discussion in a group gave me a realization how you can see an issue with a multi-dimensional perspective. Every single delegate had unique ideas, views and opinions to express.

It was predicted by various authors and researchers at the time of India’s independence, India as a nation will not survive. But India has survived and now It is thriving economy and a vibrant democracy. The idea of ” Unity in Diversity” and ” Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam” is responsible for India’s growth as a nation. I was aware about this idea but I never witnessed it in my life except in the Boot Camp. In the Boot Camp, we had lot of heated discussion, arguments etc. Even after, we sat together to have breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as we helped each other. We laughed, cried, played together. Differences in ideologies were not visible outside the classroom. That is why, My India has survived and It will thrive till the end of this universe.

Every single day was full of special memories and stories. Two days, we traveled to Teen Murthi Bhavan for other lectures. Bus journey was really interesting. I got opportunity to talk to various delegates and volunteers. I found that everyone has a story to tell.

One day, we also traveled to a nearby village just to explore and understand what is happening there. It was also very enlightening visit. We talked to villagers, children, working women in Food Processing Industries, owner of the Factory. Interaction with them taught us the gap between theory and practical, policy and outcome.


I can never forget one delegate of the bootcamp who was who was visually challenged. His name is Rahul. He is a civil services aspirant. The last day when he spoke about his experiences, every single delegate gave him standing ovation. It was a breathtaking experience for me. In fact, all those 150 delegates were amazing. It is very difficult and impossible to write about all the delegates.

I am also not able to forget the moment when we all stand up for first, Srilanka’s national anthem and after that India’s national anthem. It was an incredible moment of my life. How much love the people of both countries have for each other? This should set an example for peace and cooperation among all the nations. Mutual respect and love for each other’s national symbols should become a cornerstone for all the bilateral and international relations.

Indo-Srilanka image

The most important thing which I learned here, is that a single person without any resources or wealth can make a great difference in the lives of others. Only we need courage and willpower. Start with the small thing and it will eventually become a big movement.

Last but not the least,  many delegates and volunteers have touched the chord of my heart. I will never ever be able to forget these co-delegates


In the last, I can say that Be the change and make the change.

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