Kashmir is Burning: Who is to blame?

Kashmir problem is there since the birth of our country. It is just lingering on since then. In fact, there are three stakeholders in the Kashmir problem-One is INDIA, second is PAKISTAN and third is KASHMIRI PEOPLE. Recently, after the death of a terrorist Burhan Wani as per INDIA, freedom fighter as per PAKISTAN and sympathizer for KASHMIRIS died in July 2016. After that massive protests started in the valley. But as far as I think, it was a trigger point, the resentment was brewing for a long time.


In fact, I want to ask some questions: WHO IS TO BLAME?

  • Election of BJP at Centre or election of BJP-PDP alliance at State.
  • Army/Paramilitary/Militants.
  • Pellet Guns or Stones.
  • AFSPA or Proxy war led by Pakistan.
  • The lynching of people on the grounds of protecting cows or Beef eating. Who is the more important life of a person or cow?
  • Saudi Arabian/Pakistani Television or Social Media.
  • Surgical Strikes or Beheading and mutilation of soldiers.
  • Cross Border Terrorism or Inside unrest and resentment.
  • The election in UP or Bye-elections in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Separatists or Maulavis.
  • Winter or Summer.
  • Cricket or Hockey.
  • SAARC Summit or 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attack.
  • Just go back in history, Partition or Independence.
  • Gandhi or Jinnah.
  • Communalism or Secularism.
  • Article 370 or The J & K Constitution.
  • Hindu or Muslim.
  • India or Pakistan or International community.
  • The list is too long. we have innumerable reasons for not solving the Kashmir issue. We are not able to find one reason to make Kashmir, which used to be known as “heaven on earth” peaceful.

It is pathetic and very sad to see the situation in Kashmir. Students are protesting. Girls have come on the road to pelt stones. Every single day our soldiers are dying. Many civilians are dying. Every single day someone is losing their loved ones. It is very painful to lose someone in your family. It is not the time to blame someone or other. Every stakeholder should come forward to create peace and stability in the region. It is not the time to do politics.

What needs to be done?

  • India is a responsible democracy. It cares about its people. India must come forward to create a situation of dialogue among all stakeholders.
  • Use the strategy of “winning hearts and minds”.
  • Talk with Pakistan. Because we have no other options. We can change our friends but not our neighbors.
  • People of Kashmir are important for us. How can we keep quiet when our own people are dying?

We must come forward and do something to bring peace in the region. Please have a look at below link of a newspaper article. I found it very sensitive and really true at the ground level. https://kashmirobserver.net/2017/features/kashmir-prison-three-walls-17567

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