Assembly Elections in UP,UK,PUJ,MAN & GOA.

This election was really historic and unprecedented and a kind of litmus test for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi just after the bold as well as adventurous decisions of ” demonetization” and “surgical strikes” taken by him. Both decisions were taken for political as well as strategic motives. In fact, he tried to play a gamble through which now he is reaping benefits in the form of Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP)’s win in various elections across the country. Here, I will try to analyze the trends and results of the recent assembly elections in five states, which ride on Modi wave to bring about the substantive electoral mandate and established BJP as a dominant party in the Indian Political System.

Highlights of the Assembly Elections: 

  • A clean sweep in states of UTTAR PRADESH and UTTARAKHAND. It was an unprecedented result in both states providing a three-fourths majority.
  • The first time, BJP got a good mandate another North eastern state MANIPUR after making government in Assam.
  • In GOA, it was a fractured mandate. However, BJP acted swiftly and made the government in Goa by sending Manohar Parikar from Center to the state of Goa.
  • The State of PUNJAB has emerged as a ray of hope for a grand old party the congress. It has given a favorable as well as majority mandate to Congress in the state in the leadership of Amarinder Singh.

The significance of these Assembly Elections:

  • These elections were really significant not only in the present context but also as an indicator for the upcoming General Elections in 2019.
  • The elections in the most populous state of India was really important because it is generally said that UP decides about the power politics at Center and acts as a kingmaker.
  • These elections were also significant in the light of economic policies as well as economic reform in the coming times.

How to read the outcome of these elections and especially the outcome in UP and UK?:

  • Is BJP going to establish the ” Second Dominant Party System”?
  • Is Modi now the most popular leader of the country?
  • Is BJP led by Modi and Amit Shah going to form the government again after the 2019 General Election?
  • Can BJP fulfill the high expectations of the people of these states?
  • Should Yogi Adaityanath the Chief Minister of UP be looked as a symbol of Hindutva or a new face to deliver the BJP’s agenda of ” Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas”?
  • Is the ” muscular nationalism” going to stay in the lives of Indian people?
  • What is the future of Indian National Congress earlier dominant national party of the country?
  • What is the future of regional political parties as well as identity-based political parties?

My analysis of the recent Assembly Elections:

  • BJP has emerged as a strong force to reckon with and it is going to dominate the political scene of the country for at least a decade.
  • Mr. Modi is now a pan-India face of BJP and a popular leader.
  • Congress has to work hard to clear the mess in its house.
  • Rahul Gandhi needs more exposure and experience to understand the intricacies and dynamics of Indian politics.
  • Regional parties like SP and BSP need to think of broader perspective. They should come out with their single agenda of promoting their family and thriving on bad guys.
  • This result is celebrated by the winning parties like anything but they need to understand that people have a lot of expectations which must be fulfilled. Otherwise, Indian people are very smart politically in choosing their leaders.




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