Change of Power Structure in Tamil Nadu

J Jayalalitha died last year December after prolonged illness. It was a tragic loss for a country and for the state of Tamil Nadu. She has done a lot for the masses of the state. Tamil Nadu is one of the best performing state in India with respect to social indicators.

Tamil Nadu did not see any major disturbances in her tenure despite her controversial disproportionate assets case. However, after her demise, it seems that there has been power struggle going on in the AIADMK party as well as in the state of Tamil Nadu.

V Shasikala has finally elected as the leader of the legislative party setting the stage to become third women Chief Minister of the state of Tamil Nadu. I think that she is also responsible for the recent massive protest in the state on marina beach for Jallikattu. She has created conditions which will lead to her anointment as the powerful leader of the state.

The twist of the matter has now come into the picture. V Shasikala is co-accused in the ” disproportionate assets case” and Supreme Court has decided to listen the case from onwards. There is also an appeal in the Supreme Court regarding stopping her swearing-in ceremony. What I can say that she will survive the struggles and will dominate the politics of Tamil Nadu.

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