Dangal and women issues….


I didn’t watch the movie but I read the story in the newspaper. This movie has broken the box office record and made crores of rupees. It’s good that movies are now made on women issues. However, if we look deeply, we will find that even after highlighting women issues, a male is playing a prominent role. For instance, in Dangal, Amir Khan is playing an important role and in Pink, bachhan sahab is playing important role.

Another point, I want to highlight is that these movies based on true stories and basically on women are making more money than these real persons in their own professional life. For instance, Priyanka Chopra has made more money than Mary Kom and Haryana girls than their representation in the films.

Most importantly, I want to really highlight something more ironic that only making movies can not make much difference towards the women folk in our society. Our society has degenerated to the bottom with respect to women. In today’s Hindu newspaper( December 30), a small news was there which touched and filled me with anger and disgust. A two days old girl was found on the road rapped in some white clothes. I am really sad to see. The weather is harsh at this time of the year in Delhi.  Why do people do like this?  I don’t understand the situation of these people that they are committing such atrocious and remorseful thing to a small child. What is the mistake of that baby girl? I don’t understand when will things change?

Women are disrespected, exploited and disowned and what not from cradle to grave in India. Despite taking several legislative as well as administrative measures, there is no improvement on the ground in a substantial manner. Everywhere the tag line “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhai” is written due to the government’ s intensive efforts towards preventing female foeticide and gender discrimination. But there is need to re-examine where we are going when child sex ratio has again declined even after launching this programme.

I think that we are entering in era when we watch, celebrate and praise movies like Dangal, Pink etc sitting comfortably on our couch but in our real life  we simply don’t care about the issues related with women and when time comes about action, we simply behave like hypocrite as most of the Indians known to be.

Having said this, in my deep heart, I also feel that there has always been silver lining. Some people including male and female are changing their attitude and behaviour towards gender issues. In fact, what I think and believe is that until and unless women themselves will not fight and ask for their share, this patriarchal society will not be ready to give anything. So there is need to stand up and demand for what we are entitled to.


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