My second interview in UPSC

It was H C Gupta sir board. There were four other members including a lady member. I was the last person to be interviewed by the board. I entered the room after 5 pm. When I entered the room, I said Good Afternoon sir and Good Afternoon mam.
Chairman  (CM):  He started the interview by asking that you have completed your B.Tech in 2010 and Its been six years you are preparing for this. Again he asked about some basic questions related with electronics.
Which principle works in the lighter,which is used in the kitchen.
What is quartz?
When I couldn’t answer the questions, he started explaining to me.
Member 1 (M1): He asked about call drops and questions related with my answers.
M2: He asked about jat issue, Isis, Syria,  European refugee crisis.
M3: He asked about my hobbies and smart cities.  Which place did you travel recently. What kind of books do you read?
M4 (lady member): What is ISI? Tell me name of other intelligence agencies. There is strong military in Pakistan but they are not able to control the terrorists. Why?
Tell me the name of two women leaders with whom you are inspired?
Another question regarding aadhar that what is the important criteria to get aadhar card.
I couldn’t answer the question and then they said your interview is finished and you can go now.
I said thank you to them and came out from room.

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