The monks who are not monks

It is not being critical but looking the issue through my lenses. Recently visited dharmasala and nearby the ministry of Tibetan leader  Dalai Lama. Before visiting the place, I had high hopes about the struggling Tibetan refugees. However, what I saw was little weird. In the case of Tibet issue, religion and politics is intermixed. In fact, they are fighting to protect their culture which is influenced by their religion ie Buddhism.  As far as I read about Buddhism and its principles, it talks about abstinence, non-violence, speaking truth, love,peace and harmony. But the real question is that are these people really following the path shown by the Buddha or they have lost somewhere, behaving like common man.
The monks there were like us except they were wearing maroon robes. They were enjoying coffee, chatting on I-phone, roaming etc. Are they suppose to do all these. It is not that all monks were like that but a large section was. I did not find any anxiety or earnestness on their face to reclaim their land Tibet. Did they lose hope or did they become Indian by heart? By seeing the posters and graffiti in the area, it can be said that interest for Tibet is still there. One poster was talking about some concert related with Tibet, other was depicting the teachings of Dalai Lama regarding paradox of life,another was telling to boycott Chinese goods. However, the awkward thing was that almost all shops were selling goods manufactured in China.  I think the hypocrisy is not only in Indians but also in other people.
My question is that will they ever get freedom or whatever they want in this manner. Or the monks who are like that, are very few, others are serious about the issue. Or they are supported by any other country for instance USA to contain China.

Disclaimer: It is my personal view and every one has the right to differ and have their opinion.

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